Poppins Bush School
August 29, 2023
September Newsletter 2023

Book week this year was amazing📚. Everyone’s costumes were fantastic… well done to everyone. A big thank you too to Miss Gail for the wonderful special meals prepare for each room during book week. On Friday 25th August we had Flanno for a Farmer Day. We also had a loader visit from Brycon Civil for the Prep children to learn about keeping themselves safe while also giving them an understanding of construction. Prep children got to sit in the loader and move the bucket up and down and honk the horn. A great time was had by all. We Welcomed Miss Cynthia and Miss Emily to the Poppins Family in August. Our wonderful Miss Em goes on Maternity Leave in September in preparation to welcome a little Miss to her family. Sunday the 10th of September will see Poppins Bush School turning 6 years old. We will be celebrating Poppins Birthday on the Friday 8th of September with a sausage sizzle, party games and a cake for the children at the centre that day 🎂🎉🎉😊.

With the Warmer Months ahead

As part of our educational program, we run fire, bush fire, lockdown (storm, hail) and snake drills regularly throughout the year. This month we are focusing on our snake drills. Snakes are most prevalent during Spring or Summer but could be encountered at any time of the year- especially on sunny days.

Unprovoked, snakes rarely attack humans and are generally shy, timid animals that will avoid conflict if given the opportunity. Snakes are protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 and it is an offence to kill or injure them. The greatest risk of snake bite from venomous snakes is from people trying to kill or handle them.

Our Service is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for children and staff whilst being respectful of wildlife in and around our environment. We aim to minimise the potential risk of injury from a snake bite by educating children and staff about the risks associated with snakes.

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