Poppins Bush School
September 12, 2022
September Newsletter 2022

This year’s book week costumes were simply amazing… well done to everyone. Hats and Sunscreen reminder - with the weather warming up please ensure your child arrives ready to play with a hat and sunscreen. If we need to help apply sunscreen, please let us know upon arrival. Our spare hats are running low so, if any have made it home, please return them Friday 10th September will see us celebrating Poppins 5th Birthday with a sausage sizzle and party games 😊

Keeping our Community Safe

As part of our educational program, we run fire, bush fire, lockdown (storm, hail)and snake drills regularly throughout the year. This month we are focusing on our snake drills. Snakes are most prevalent during Spring or Summer but could be encountered at any time of the year- especially on sunny days.


Unprovoked, snakes rarely attack humans and are generally shy, timid animals that will avoid conflict if given the opportunity. Snakes are protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 and it is an offence to kill or injure them. The greatest risk of snake bite from venomous snakes is from people trying to kill or handle them.


OurService is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for childrenand staff whilst being respectful of wildlife in and around our environment. Weaim to minimise the potential risk of injury from a snake bite by educatingchildren and staff about the risks associated with snakes.

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