Poppins Bush School
May 10, 2022
Prep Marsupial Park Excursion

This month, our Prep children ventured out into our community on the Poppins Bus 🚌 to the Marsupial Park. We discussed bus safety & then all the animals we thought we may see. The children were so excited, we boarded the bus & off we travelled. The excitement continued once we arrived, we saw Emu’s, a Kangaroo with a Joey in her pouch🦘, Guinea pigs, a peacock 🦚, lots & lots of birds with our binoculars plus an Echidna. Truly amazing 😊 Then we had lunch & a play on the adventure playground & then it was time to board the bus for the trip back to Bush School. A brilliant day was had by all 😊 🐝🦆🦜🌿

What an adventure today has been. The day began with discussions around bus safety and how to be responsible in the community. There were many responses and ideas around this such as “seatbelts on”, “listening to the teachers”, “staying away from the animals and just looking at them”. We also talked about the different things that we may see at the Marsupial Park. Animals like Kangaroos, Birds, Emus, Willy the Duck, Talking birds, Guinea Pigs. We got to see all this and so much more. It was a truly magical day for such an adventure. Upon arrival there were two Emus and the children spotted bird boxes through their binoculars. This prompted many questions about birdboxes and why are they in the trees? The children then drew animals that they thought they may see at the Park. We have some truly creative and imaginative children. When we began our walk we were able to see a Kangaroo, according to Morgan it was “a boxing Kangaroo”. We then went up into the Kangaroo area where we discovered a female Kangaroo with a Joey in her pouch. We discussed animals that live in their mothers pouch and they are called marsupials. All the children were able to see her and the Joey’s tail and legs sticking out. It was a short walk to the Guinea Pigs. At first we could only see one and the children were worried that it may be lonely, but some keen eyes spotted another in behind keeping it company.


Tummy’s were rumbling so we ventured down towards the Cockatoo and Galah aviary and sat at the tables to eat our picnic lunch! After lunch we were excited to play at the adventure playground! We took turns on the swings, spinners, flying fox and climbing nets.


Next we walked to the aviary, on the way we were lucky enough to see the male Peacock and his beautiful feathers. Many of the children asked were the girl Peacock’s were however they were nowhere to be seen today .We then walked through the aviary and discovered Ducks, Parrots, Dove’s and Cockatiels. It was interesting to see the various foods that had been placed on the trees for the birds to snack on. Oranges, Apples, Corn and Spinach. A volunteer from the Park then let us know that an Echidna was wandering near the gates at the exit and we were lucky enough to see the Echidna. We made sure to keep a safe distance and not scare the Echidna.


We had such an amazing day. Miss Mary was a fabulous driver. We are excited for the next excursion. We will send photos at the end of the week once the second excursion has been completed!

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