Poppins Bush School
October 11, 2023
October Newsletter 2023

Ready Set Smile 📸😁 School Photo Week is fast approaching… Don’t forget to return your School Photo envelopes by Monday 16th October. Our photo days this year are Monday 16th – Friday 20th October. In September we celebrated Poppins 6th Birthday. The children loved the sausage sizzle and the special birthday cake that Miss Gail made. The cake was enjoyed by all for afternoon tea. We held a smoking ceremony around our friendship circle that Miss Mary and her team of handy helpers had constructed. We invited Len Waters to conduct the smoking ceremony. Len gave a traditional Kamilaroi greeting “Yamada yada” – which means Hello everybody and shared his culture and traditions with the children. We also held another Pyjama week as it’s so much fun to get up in the morning have breakfast and just wear your comfy PJ’s all day. As summer is upon us, we have started our snake drills. This proved to be a great success as we had a visitor one afternoon and all the children knew exactly what to do.

Exciting new teams for 2023

With the New year fast approaching we would like to announce the Room educators for next year! As our Poppins community continues to grow.


Nursery 1:                          Junior Preschool:          

Miss Caitlin                     Miss Tiffany

Miss Jessica                   Miss Imogen                    

Miss Jazlyn                     Miss Faith


Preschool 1:                          Preschool 2:    

Miss Jane                           Miss Eliza

Miss Cynthia                       Miss Em

Miss Izzy                             Miss Bridget

Miss Ebony                         Miss Shakira


Prep:                                       Casual

Miss Kellie                        Miss Narelle

Miss Maree

Miss Adelia


Office                                       Kitchen        

Miss Marg                          Miss Gail            

Miss Davina                       Miss Nellie

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