Poppins Bush School
May 1, 2023
May Newsletter 2023

In April the children in prep had a great excursion to ANZAC Park to lay a wreath. There is a Story at end of our newsletter about the excursion. In May we are looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day on the 14th of May💐 We will also be holding Grandparents week on the 22nd – 26th May for the grandparents to visit in the afternoon for afternoon tea, stories, and fun. We are also hosting Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea on 31st May gold coin donation welcome. We are excited for the new outdoor spaces being created out the back of Bush School on the way to the chicken coup. We will have 2 new friendship circles for the children’s morning yarning meetings, we will also have a little construction area🏗, an animal & dinosaur nature strip🐾, a cross country & car racetrack 🏎& there is a possibility of an airport✈ near the newly proposed deck board walk. We look forward to inviting our parents and families into our new areas very soon. 😊

Prep class ANZAC Excursion

We hope you were able to spend time reflecting andremembering on ANZAC Day


On Monday prior to ANZAC Day, the Prep children travelled on the Poppins bus to ANZAC Park to learn more about ANZAC Day, what the day represents and also to place a wreath made of rosemary from our garden here at Poppins at the ANZAC Park gate. While at the park we discussed medals, as Miss Kellie wore her grandfather and Great Grandfathers medals from the Great War and World War 2. We also listened to “The Last Post” and each had a turn at making a sound through a bugle. While eating ANZAC biscuits for morning tea we read a story about ANZAC Day and then placed small sprigs of rosemary on the Sandakan memorial in ANZAC park. Ensuring that our younger generations know and understand the importance of our history and the sacrifices many made for our Country is important so that they are never forgotten, “Lest We Forget”.

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