Poppins Bush School
March 14, 2023
March Newsletter 2023

Today we had a very exciting guest join us at Poppins to participate in a music experience with the children. They were so excited to see the drum kit set up in our main yard and sat so patiently while the other rooms took their seats. Ryan played some songs for us, and the children were blown away with the sounds coming from the drum kit. They all sat so beautifully and concentrated on the music being played for them. Ryan also encouraged our friends to have a turn playing the kit themselves and gosh was that popular! We think we may have some wonderful future musicians in our room judging by all the foot tapping, head bobbing and overall excitement. We were even lucky enough to see Junior Preschools own drummer Willow, get up and play some songs for us. The children were so excited to see one of their peers putting on a show for them! This experience created a wonderful sense of community within our room and gave one of our families an opportunity to share their home culture with our children. On behalf of our Poppins community, we would like to thank Ryan for donating his time for our little people this morning. If you or any family members have any hidden talents, interests, or skills you think we could share with the children please reach out because we would love to hear from you! It’s a wonderful way for us to bring elements of your home cultures into our program which in turn creates a sense of belonging for your child to our space.

It was a busy start to the month here at our Poppins. You may have noticed an upgrade was undertaken on the large main sandpit. The old timber logs were removed with large rocks being installed and 4.5 cubic metres of white beach sand added to the sandpit.

Our three tee pees have moved on to the synthetic turf area to create a new dramatic play space for our children. Behind the construction area we have added 5 large flat rocks to the mud kitchen area this provides more surfaces for the children to create all of their magical mud recipes on. You may notice we now have another garden in the outdoor space. It has a Chinese Elm tree in it which will eventually shade the Studio and outdoor garage from the late afternoon sun.

 This now means we have 90 trees at Poppins!

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