Poppins Bush School
March 1, 2022
March Newsletter 2022

There is so much happening in Poppins at the moment, we will do our best to cover the major updates in this newsletter 😊 It is so wonderful having families come into the outdoor area for drop off and pick up and to be able to have, all be it short, conversations about your child’s day! To keep our community safe, we will continue to ask our families to wear masks when entering Poppins during drop off and pick up times until Friday 11th March. Our recent wet weather has ensured that our outdoor spaces at Bush School have become even more intriguing and inviting to explore. It has been amazing to see the children’s imagination and curiosity grow and develop when our amazing educators create spaces that invite the children to investigate.

Wehave a few reminders for our Poppins community


Car park safety – pleaseensure you are driving with care, please slow down and ensure you are watchingfor children at all times. Please hold your child’s hand and walk-in front ofthe cars not behind them to ensure you can be seen. Please do not letyour children or their older siblings run and play in the car park.


Food from home – If your child is finishingtheir breakfast at the service, please ensure it is NUT and SESAME FREE.


Toys from Home – We are fortunate to have anamazing array of resources for the children to play and explore with. Toyscoming from home can often cause conflict and emotional distress for the otherchildren in attendance. Unless your child requires a comforter for rest time,please leave all other toys at home.


Authority to collect your child

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone, that ifyou have someone other than yourself collecting your child, we need to beinformed by the primary caregivers. This can be achieved sending through anemail or a hand-written letter.


CCSS Update-From 7 March 2022, families with more than one child aged 5 or under in carewill get a higher Child Care Subsidy (CCS) for their second child and youngerchildren.

The standard rate child will get thestandard CCS rate. This is usually the eldest CCS-eligible child aged 5 orunder in the family. Younger children will get a higher subsidy.


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