Poppins Bush School
June 6, 2022
June Newsletter 2022

Our Biggest Morning Tea was a huge success raising $123.30 for this truly worthy cause. Thank you Some highlights from last month, our Preschool and Prep children have been testing their skills through various gross motor games on the tennis court area. If you have not yet had a chance to see what we have been up to please visit our Facebook page Poppins Bush School. June will see some educator changes as we welcome a new trainee, Miss Kody to our Junior Preschool room. The amazing Miss Narelle, will be our first casual educator, and Miss Maree will be the new assistant in Preschool room 2. Miss Bridget and Miss Jess will be exchanging rooms as they build their knowledge of children development throughout their studies. The fabulous Miss Tehan will be returning from her UNI Prac.

We have a few reminders for our Poppins community


Car park safety – please ensure you are driving with care, please slow downand ensure you are watching for children at all times. Please hold your child’shand and walk-in front of the cars not behind them to ensure you can be seen.


Food from home – If you are bringing in some breakfast for your child,please ensure it is NUT FREE.


Toys from Home – We are fortunate to have an amazing array of resourcesfor the children to play and explore with. Toys coming from home can oftencause conflict and emotional distress for the other children in attendance. Unlessyour child requires a comforter for rest time, please leave all other toys athome.


Spare clothes – With the cooler weather approaching, please ensure you swapyour children’s spare clothing over to a winter set.


Drink Bottles- please remember to pack a clearly labelled drink bottle foryour child each day.


Bedding – when bringing in your child sheets each day, please feelfree to pack some warm sheets or a soft small blanket for your child to snuggleunder.

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