Poppins Bush School
July 3, 2024
July Newsletter 2024

Welcome to our July Newsletter. What a wonderful June we just had at Poppins Bush School with so much going on. We celebrated lots of Birthdays. Birthdays are a special time; we love to be able to celebrate them with the children. Prep went on their first excursion to the Tamworth Regional Art Gallery. What an experience that was with the exhibition of the Archibald art on display at the Gallery for the children to immerse themselves in. Then we had the thrill of participating in a workshop on portraits. Please see the back page for highlights of the excursion. The Tamworth Fire Station came to Bush School, our Preschool 2 and Prep room had a fire safety talk and learned what to do in the event of a fire. Then all our rooms got to go out to the carpark and see the fire truck. Preschool 2 and Prep got to sit in the fire truck. This month we have lot’s going on at Poppins with our on going excursions plus we also have coming up - NAIDOC Week from the 7th July to 14th July 2024 this year theme is - ‘Keep the fire burning! Blak, loud and proud’, Pyjama Week from the 15th July to 19th July 2024 time to get out the comfy Pyjama for the children and let them rock on into Poppins and Jurassic Jack will be roaring in on the 23rd July 2024 for an action packed little rangers visit with fossils and baby dinosaurs for the children to meet, they will also get a chance to see the Jurassic Jeep and take a photo.

In June the Prep children embarked on their first official excursion for the year, and it was worth the wait. Visiting the Tamworth Regional Art Gallery and viewing last year’s Archibald entries and winner. Prestigious and often controversial, the Archibald Prize is Australia’s foremost portraiture prize. Prior to the excursion, we had been discussing with the children what art is. Prep had a curious question discussion around this. “What is Art”. Most of the ideas from the children were it’s a drawing or a painting. Some children were very descriptive; it has rainbows, flowers, colours. To extend we look at some of the famous artists from history as well as current. From this, the children discovered that art can be a photograph, a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, it can be imagined, or from real life, it can tell a story, have meaning and most importantly that everyone sees art differently. Looking at the Mona Lisa we had curious questions “who is she”, “she is looking at me”. The looking at works by Kandinsky “it has rainbows”, “that makes me happy”. Without realising the children began to discuss how they were feeling when they looked at different artists’ works. A large spider sculpture by Louise Bourgeois brought a collective “that’s a big spider, I’m scared”. A favourite was Van Gough’s Sunflowers and his Starry Night. The bright colours in Andy Warhols works provided the opportunity for a ‘what’s different’ game, and Nam June Paik’s robots prompted so many questions from some of the boys. “Do they work”, “How do they work”, “Is that really art, it’s a robot”.

While visiting the Gallery the children were detectives and were given smaller versions of some of the art on display to find. They did so well and listened intently to Emma, our Gallery guide. When Emma mentioned the prize for the winner there was a collective gasp followed by “that’s a big number Miss Kell”. Once the children entered the studio to work on their own portraits, Emma discussed shapes and symmetry with the children and they were able to choose to complete a portrait of someone else, or a self-portrait. The children were excited, using pencils, charcoal, and pastels. Many of the children looked in the mirrors provided and created a face shape with the information that Emma provided, and each created a unique masterpiece. Art is individual and links with many of the focuses Prep has engaged with this year.

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