Poppins Bush School
June 28, 2023
July Newsletter 2023

Welcome to July 2023 We had a wonderful June at Poppins, with lots of children celebrating birthdays. Birthdays are a special day for everyone, and we love sharing this special time with the children. We received a visit from the Fire and Rescue Service (story on back page). This is always an exciting visit for the children! We also welcomed the official start of Winter. During the first week of July, we celebrate NAIDOC Week. The theme this year is “For our Elders”. This is always a reflective week, and we look forward to sharing experiences from this week with all families. Miss Emily and Preschool 2 have compiled a wonderful display in reception which documents the children’s cooking adventures over the Fire Pit. Please take the time to look at the photos and read about the children’s experience.

Fire Service Visit

On Friday 23rd June we had the Fire Service visit for a safety talk. Fire safety, especially in the Winter months is important.  Visits from emergency services are always exciting for the children. There are always many questions as they are eager to know as much as they can. The visit included hearing the sirens, seeing the lights, and sitting inside the Fire Truck!


Some of the younger children were a little scared by the sirens, which is another reason why these visits are important. Our Junior Preschool children were especially excited by the large Fire Truck in the carpark. Some of their comments included “BIG TRUCK”, “Ooo fire fire!” “I saw truck! I saw truck!”. They also had the opportunity to sit in the drivers seat and imagine that they were driving the Fire Truck.


The children had a wonderful day learning about all the important aspects of a Fire Truck, including the lights, siren and hoses and also discovering the important role a Fire person plays within our community.

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