Poppins Bush School
July 4, 2022
July Newsletter 2022

Our Pyjama Week was a huge success raising $200.85 for this truly worthy cause. Thank you Some highlights from last month. We have welcomed three new additions to our Poppins menagerie. With Miss Chip, Miss Cookies and Miss Elsa our new Guinea pig’s joining the team 😊 The children of the Junior preschool room have taken great delight in making them feel welcome, including them in their morning routine with lots of hugs and cuddles. July will see some educators head off on holidays. The wonderful Miss Tahlia is heading off on a 12-week trip around Australia. We look forward to seeing all the pictures she will be sending through. Miss Tehan and Miss Hannah will be job sharing some office jobs as Miss Marg take a short trip away at the end of July.

International Malala Day 

International Malala Day is on Tuesday 12 July, shining a lighton the global inequalities in access to quality education for girls.

MalalaYousafzai is a Pakistani activist and Nobel Laureate who had her owneducation restricted during childhood and who now campaigns for women’s rightsto education.

Malala Day is anopportunity to reflect on the importance of equal access to quality education,and on the work being done to improve opportunities across the globe. It isalso an opportunity to reflect on practices, experiences and interactions thatoccur in services to ensure equity of opportunities and to mitigate theunintended consequences of stereotyping based on gender.

The approvedlearning frameworks remind us that: The concept of being reminds educators tofocus on children in the here and now, and of the importance of children’sright to be a child and experience the joy of childhood. Being involveschildren developing an awareness of their social and cultural heritage, ofgender and their significance in their world. (Early Years Learning Framework,p 23 and My Time Our Place, p 20)

In Australia,while gender is now a protected characteristic under discrimination laws, it isimportant to understand that the equality experienced today was achieved as theresult of much campaigning.

For moreinformation on girls' education across the globe, visit the MalalaFund website and UNICEF website.

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