Poppins Bush School
June 1, 2022
Gross Motor Development

Our visits to the Tennis Courts have provided us with so many opportunities to develop our Gross motor skills, including strength, balance and coordination.

Over recent weeks we have had a small group of children in Prep who simply love basketball and shooting hoops! This type of motor experience strengthens core, balance, coordination and is also a team sport. The shooting of hoops often will involve trick shots and more recently, the addition of some parkour (watch out Harlem Globetrotters)!. Observing the children create their own games and extend and challenge their current abilities demonstrates a real development in their cognitive process as they want to “practise to get better," a mantra we use with the children as practise will make you better at something. Current research has identified that when a person attempts something new it can take up to 400 times repeating the new movement or task to imprint it on the brain, however during play it can take as little as 10-20 times of repeating the movement to imprint. Play is so rewarding and children learn so much! We also continue to discover our bodies, movement and how parts of the body work together. The children continue to ask curious questions and extend on this organically through their play, it is so exciting being part of Prep as this occurs!

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