Poppins Bush School
February 6, 2023
February 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to February 2023! All room transitions are now complete, and our Educational Team has begun the Programming and Documentation Journey for the year. On display in reception is the Learning Focus for each room this has also been attached to your first emails from your child’s teaching team. Educators will use these focus’ as they relate to our philosophy and knowledge of Early Childhood development, children’s emerging interests, spontaneous teaching moments and intentional planned experiences to ensure your child is experiencing exciting, developmental, age appropriate and wondrous experiences while at Poppins Bush School. We encourage all families to read your child’s room focus and all emails so you can enjoy your child’s Poppins adventures, plus take a moment in the afternoon to view all the room photos on the individual room TV’s. This documentation each day will enable families to positively engage with your child in conversations about their day which will also promote and develop their speech, confidence and interests.

Welcome to a wonderful new school year. All families are asked to be mindful of the following:


Car park safety – please ensure you are driving with care, please slow down and ensure you are watching for children at all times. Please hold your child’s hand and walk-in front of the cars not behind them to ensure you can be seen. Please do not let your children or their older siblings run and play in the car park.



Toys from Home – We are fortunate to have an amazing array of resources for the children to play and explore with. Toys coming from home can often cause conflict and emotional distress for the other children in attendance. Unless your child requires a comforter for rest time, please leave all other toys at home.


Authority to collect your child

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone, that if you have someone other than yourself collecting your child, we need to be informed by the primary caregivers. This can be achieved sending through an email or a hand-written letter.

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