Poppins Bush School
November 28, 2023
December Newsletter 2023

Season Greetings to all 🎅 We have wonderful news to share with all our Bush School Families in November we had our assessment and rating done. Poppins Bush School is excited to announce that is has received an Exceeding rating in all 7 quality areas. This month at Poppins we be hosting our Room Christmas Parties and our Prep Graduation🎓. With Christmas fast approaching our staff and children are getting in the spirit and exploring some Christmas experiences. The children are creating festive songs, ornaments and wrapping paper. 🎄⛄ At the end of October we sent out a Christmas Holiday Form to families. We have had a great response with families advising us if they are off on a holiday during the Christmas break. If you have yet to return a form please remember to let the us know if you are way over Christmas so we can help families who may be needing additional days over the Christmas break.

News from our Prep Room


Prep have recently been exploring nutrition and healthy eating. This began with making healthy burgers for lunch. It was so wonderful to hear how many children then went home and helped their family cook meals. With so many delicious Spring and Summer fruits coming into season Prep explored healthy options for a sweet dessert. Sorbet…Prep style! The children chose the fruits which included Strawberry, Mango, and Watermelon. The excitement and anticipation was apparent as all the children could talk about was the sorbet from the start of the week! On Tuesday, the children had the responsibility of cutting the strawberries into halves to make them easier to blend. We discussed knife safety and hygiene and 2 children at a time began cutting the Strawberries. It was exciting to observe the hand eye coordination, children supporting each other and the patience as each child waited for their turn. The cutting of the Strawberries soon evolved into a discussion on fractions as the curious questions came fast.

We explored a whole, halves, quarters, and thirds. It was hard for Miss Kell to keep up when one child began dicing the Strawberries… look out Masterchef!

One cut, the Strawberries went into the blender and were placed into the freezer. While they didn’t quite freeze in time for afternoon tea, the children were excited to try them the next day.

We followed up each day with Mango and then Watermelon. We hope you are able to try this at home as the children thoroughly enjoyed creating their own sweet sorbet!

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