Poppins Bush School
March 11, 2022
Chicken's return from their Winter break!

This month we have seen our chickens return from their holidays! The Prep children are doing a wonderful job ensuring they have food and water and are tucked away in their coop at night.

On Thursday the chickens arrived at Bush School. This was cause for celebration as Prep will be the caretakers of the chickens this year! Prior to their arrival we spent group time discussing how to care for animals, what we need to provide them so they stay strong and healthy and what we need to be doing to ensure they feel comfortable to lay eggs. The children had some enlightening responses. These included water, food, a bed, cuddles, we need to collect eggs. These were all wonderful responses, clearly the children have taken care of animals before and we are certain the children are responsible enough to include this into our daily routine. We also discussed names for the chickens. We have 8 chickens and all the children had ideas for names. Once all the children have provided their thoughts and ideas we will vote again on the names to be given! Watch this space as we are certain some unique names will be selected if “Scareton” and “Damo” are any indication!

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