Poppins Bush School
August 24, 2022
Book Week 2022

We are so excited for Book Week this week and we have begun reading the CBCA shortlisted books to the children. We have also looked at the books which won their categories. For the Early Childhood category that was “Jetty Jumping”. A wonderful story about how it’s okay to feel worried and afraid but how it is also important to try new things, even if it’s by accident! The children loved this story. Many of them asked what a jetty was and if it was something that is real. We had a brief discussion around what a jetty is and where you might find one and what their purpose is. Don’t be surprised if next time you visit the beach or a lake you may be asked if there is a jetty! We will continue to read the shortlisted books for 2022 as they all contain relevant messages around emotions and how to overcome these emotions as well as being kind to others. Such important topics and areas we continue to explore daily with the children.

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