Poppins Bush School
May 20, 2021
Adventurous Play / Risky Play

Risky play is thrilling and exciting play where children test their boundaries and flirt with uncertainty.

Risky play provides opportunities for challenge, testing limits, exploring boundaries, and learning about injury risk.

Risky play is important because:

• It provides children with the opportunity to assess risk and manage sticky situations.

• It gives kids a sense of accomplishment and fun.

• Swinging, climbing, rolling, hanging and sliding are not only fun for children but are also essential for their motor skills, balance, coordination, and body awareness.

• Developing less fear.

What are the benefits of risky play?

Children need and should take risks in order to explore limits, have new experiences, and develop their capacities. A strong motivation to respond to challenges involving a risk of injury helps them learn how to walk, climb stairs, and ride bicycles. As they grow and develop, they will have to make choices about what is safe to attempt and what is not.

Develops self-confidence and well-being. It becomes a source of pleasure for the child as they foster new learning experiences. Importantly, it aids them to when interacting with children of different age ranges.

National Quality Framework | Quality Area 3: Physical Environment Element 3.2 The service environment is inclusive, promotes competence and supports exploration and play-based learning.

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